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  • FAV6 #7

    Why is music important? Because getting in touch with your emotions is important! Because finding the perfect tune to help you relax or decompress ...
  • FAV6 #6

    Lobelia Rose brings you a short list of great music this week to get you through these strange times! Take this opportunity to practice rolling you...
  • FAV6 #5

    Happy Friday! We have a diverse list of songs this week because we are a diverse group of women building a smoking accessory brand in this crazy, b...
  • FAV6 #4

    Here is the latest music we are calling our weekly FAV6! We are a family of women that is working hard to create an amazing brand for the growing w...
  • FAV6 #3

    Music is essential in everyday life! We are sharing our favorite songs for when you are smoking, being recreational, relaxing, traveling, or doing ...
  • FAV6 #2

    Lobelia Rose FAV6 #2- Sharing our favorite songs of the week
  • FAV 6

    Curated playlist from our staff to fill out your weekend playlist.
  • Lobelia Rose: Who We Are

    From kitchen table mention, to a brainstorm, to a full-on business plan, the Lobelia Rose team started gathering intel on what women want, and how to provide it. Working out of the mountain state of West Virginia, our family of two mothers and four daughters put together ideas of how to bring these ideas to fruition.