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FAV6 #15 - By and By

Our favorite song this week in our FAV6 is "By and By" by Caamp. Starting out "Driving across West Virginia," the song sings a haunting tribute to a love lost with elements of Appalachian heritage music harmonizing. Lobelia Rose is happily based in almost heaven West Virginia, and it's wonderful to hear new adaptations of old bluegrass and Appalachian music being made. The title of the song also resonated with us. The term "by and by" means before long or eventually, and we feel like this easily ties in with how we're feeling about the state of the world right now.

By and by, COVID-19 will pass with a vaccine and herd immunity. We've all had moments where the fear of contracting the virus has left us uneasy about venturing out, but by and by, our fears will wane. 

By and by, our favorite flower will become legalized and be accepted by general population, just like liquor and beer. There will always be naysayers and skeptics, but it is up to those of us in the industry to help expose these people to the positive aspects of the plant.

A quick side note: you may notice the absence of specific words and pictures in our blogs, social media, and online shop. This is because we're following strict rules imposed by the banking industry. We can't say anything relating to our favorite plant, or post any pictures. It's very difficult to get banking solutions as a startup business in the recreational smoking industry due to the federal prohibition, that's why we have to strictly follow these rules so we can keep our bank account. This makes it hard to sell your business, but it also makes it hard to present the plant in a positive light to those who are curious! By and by, the Lobelia Rose brand will continue to grow and find ways to market and expand. Eventually, recreational smoking will be federally legal and we'll be able to speak freely about how much we love this plant! Until then, use your vote to help move along legalization, and enjoy our weekly playlists!

 Love, Your Highness


FAV6 #14

"By and By" - Caamp

"Industry Games" - CHIKA

"I Feel 2 Much" - blackbear

"Bow Down" - I Prevail

"Regina George" - 24hrs ft. blackbear

"Talkin’ Tennessee" - Morgan Wallen

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