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FAV6 #7 - Music and MJ

Why is music important? Because getting in touch with your emotions is important! Because finding the perfect tune to help you relax or decompress can be essential in making tomorrow better. Like music, recreational smoking can be a great way to enhance relaxation and improve your mood.

This week has been full of contradictions. Countries are coming to a standstill to fight an invisible enemy. Yet, governments are looking for ways to get citizens through the difficult time. Financial markets are gauging our ability to survive and recover from this pandemic by starting to grow after a steep plunge. This crisis has affected every person in our country regardless of health or financial status. COVID-19 is a serious threat and worry, but we owe it to ourselves to work hard each day for the best outcome. Don't waste your quarantine on negativity!

Lobelia Rose is working to build a brand that will be with you through the ups and downs in 2020 and years to come. Sometimes, all it takes to make a bad day better is something you can depend on. If smoking your favorite strain is how you relax, then let us be there with you. Keep visiting our store to see how we are improving and expanding our smoking accessory products in 2020.  

To sum up the week, we are sharing our favorite 6 songs that are lifting our emotions. Share with friends or chill with noise-cancelling headphones.

Love, Your Highness


Diamonds by Danger Incorporated

Right by Mac Miller

Supalonely by Benee

A Little Bit Off by Five Finger Death Punch

A Real Fine Place by Sara Evans

Actions by John Legend 


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