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FAV6 #9 - What Makes Something Favorite?

How do you classify something as a favorite? How do we connect to those things? We all know that connections can be good and bad. Connecting with a beautiful sunrise is memorable. Connecting with a rude person is also memorable. Today and every day in the future, we seek positive connections that prevail over bad connections.

A favorite is a result of an especially good connection. It might stay with us for a day and it might stay with us for a lifetime. Our friends and pets are proclaimed favorites that we cherish. If you choose pink as your favorite color at age 16, it is likely to remain your go to color for years or decades, and maybe for your whole life. So, it's expected that we each have our favorite types of music

We connect to music hundreds of times a day. When we intentionally hunt for songs to relax or inspire us, we are inviting them into our lives. There are millions of songs at our fingertips at any moment, yet we are easily seduced into choosing favorites. This status may last for a day, a week, a lifetime, and sharing these songs with friends and family undoubtedly connects us. 

Lobelia Rose is not about music, but it helps us in our daily lives. Our weekly favorites may not be memorable to us in a year, but right now they are connecting us with our tasks, emotions, customers, and goals. No matter what your number one song or color is, the connection is real and it has a purpose. Embrace all those things that make you feel good, but never stop seeking new favorites.

Here are a couple of links to articles about the science of favorites:



 Love, Your Highness


Here is our FAV6 playlist for the week:

Girlfriend by Bea Miller
Falling by Trevor Miller
Boyfriend by Selena Gomez
Dareh Meyod by O.A.R
Ideas by Au/Ra
Mad World by Tears for Fears

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