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FAV6 #13 - High On Life

It’s Friday night, and many of us are able to relax a bit after a long, challenging week. Some of us are just starting a busy weekend of work. If you're reading this short blog, then you're probably getting ready to enjoy smoking a little somethin’ in our pretty rolling papers or in your favorite piece on the weekend.

The first step of enjoying responsibly is knowing how to also be "high on life". Knowing how to enjoy yourself and the life you've built is essential to your daily well being and mental health. Use this time and some Mary J to help you appreciate the good things in your life. Practicing being mindful and grateful has been shown to boost mood and build resilience! Now, get your favorite supplies and have an amazing weekend.

 Love, Your Highness

Holding Back the Years by Simply Red
This Is Us by Jimmie Allen and Noah Cyrus
Stunnin’ by Curtis Waters
Drifting by Benee Ft. Jack Berry
Spice Girl by Jaewynn
Tomorrow Never Came by Lana Del Rey

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