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FAV6 #14 - Reflecting and Looking Ahead

We usually try and keep our blogs full of good vibes and good music, but we feel as though we have to say a few words hitting on the current cultural climate.

This month has been turbulent, stressful, sad, and enlightening. For most of us, if we make a mistake on the job, there are no lives lost. Though there are inherent risks that come with law enforcement, those people should be held to the highest standard possible so that there is no margin of error. Accepting the risk, the consequences, and being able to learn from mistakes should be inherent traits of everyone that recites the oath of "protect and serve". And we as a society should be willing to make changes that support their cause and protect vulnerable populations.

Those of us who have never experienced racial profiling, discrimination, or police brutality have to be allies and open to listening when people cry out against an unjust system. It hurts our hearts to see our brothers and sisters murdered, beaten, and institutionalized by a broken system. Our team supports those who demand change, who fight for their rights, and who ask for accountability. We hear you, are actively listening, and love you!

Love, Your Highness
This week’s FAV6 by Lobelia Rose

"Mint" - Qveen Herby
"Tough Guy" - Claire Rosinkranz
"Whiskey Glasses" - Morgan Wallen
"1 Summer" - Brothers Osborne
"Ju$t" - Run the Jewels
"U Played" - Moneybagg Yo

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