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FAV6 #12 - Memorial Day

Elevate your Memorial Day Weekend with some music suggestions from the Lobelia Rose team! We made our FAV6 playlist extra-long like the weekend. We know that many people work weekends and holidays, so thank you! You are not alone and we appreciate you! 

We love our brand and the business we are building, and we love our customers! This Memorial Day, we deeply appreciate all the men and women who have served and died for our country. The freedoms that are available to us are allowing us to follow a dream. Because of their sacrifices, we are able to forge our own path and connect with all the wonderful people we've met in this business along the way. Military service is something that is close to our company's heart! So to all those who serve and to those who have made the ultimate sacrifice: thank you.

We are reminded this weekend that we are grateful for so many things; our business included. It is not by accident that Lobelia Rose was created. It is not a coincidence that the recreational smoking industry is our focus. We were looking for something more and it all came together at the right place and time.

You can do this. Put one foot in front of the other and keep moving forward. Follow your dreams.

Love, Your Highness

Malibu by Kim Petras
Yes by Rich the Kid
Panic Room by au/ra
Go Your Own Way by Fleetwood Mac
Girls by Lil’ Peep
Ordinary Man by Ozzy Osbourne ft. Elton John
Don’t You know You’re Beautiful by Kellie Pickler
I Hope You Dance by Lee Ann Womack
Return of the Mac by Mark Morrison
Pure Imagination by Kathleen

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