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On A Roll

So, you just bought your first pack of our pretty rolling papers and you’re wondering: how do I use these? If you've never rolled your own or have not perfected it yet, you’ve come to the right place. We’re going to walk you through the process, step by step, and with a little practice, you’ll be a master!

  1. USE TIPS! They’re in the pack for a reason! Tips stabilize the roll and enhance the overall smoking experience. Every pack of our papers comes with tips!
  2. Place the paper with the darkest side down on a flat, clean surface and crease the paper down the middle of the longest side, making a trench.
  3. Make sure the shiny edge (the edge that has the glue to hold it all together!) is on the edge farthest from you and facing up.
  4. Pull apart one of the tips that is included in the paper packet and crimp it at the perforations like an accordion. Wrap the remaining non-perforated section of the tip paper around the crimped portion to make a tightened cylinder shape.
  5. Sit the prepared tip onto one end of the creased paper with approximately ½ of the tip extending off the paper’s edge.
  6. Place your tobacco fresh out of the grinder onto the paper, distributing it evenly down the crease, leaving a small amount of empty space at the end opposite of the tip.
  7. With fingers on both ends of the paper, begin gently rolling it into a tube shape. The tip gives you more to hold onto.  Gently pack the contents with each roll to make firmer. Keep the tobacco in the middle of the roll and the paper should wrap around it a couple of times.
  8. When it’s all rolled up, moisten the glue edge and press it onto the roll to secure it. Finish it off by twisting the open end to seal in everything.

Check out your skills! Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be perfect to enjoy and it only takes a couple of times to get it just right!

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Love, Your Highness

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