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FAV6 #16 - Who Do You Love?

To experience love is one of life's greatest treasures. Wholehearted and unconditional love can manifest itself in different feelings and ways, but is such a universal experience that we can identify it within animals, other humans, and ourselves. Reflecting on these feelings and practicing gratitude cannot only give us warm and happy feelings, research has also shown that naming things daily that we are grateful for can improve our mood and life quality. So, who do you love, and who are you grateful for?

We are grateful for our families. Our children inspire and challenge us to see the world through a different perspective, and help us practice patience. We appreciate our parents who first taught us the meaning of love, and how to be individuals. We are grateful for our pets, who, like family, show us what trust and unconditional love look like in the most innocent form. For those of us who have life partners, we wake up every day and appreciate them. They have shown us how mutual respect, trust, honesty, and commitment can foster relationships that last a lifetime, if maintained. 

Last, but not least, we love our business. Lobelia Rose has grown into something that we had once only dreamed about, and we love it very much. Our relationship with our business has given us plenty of lessons and experiences, just like any other relationship in our lives. Sacrifice, hard work, and love are all part of building our brand, and we are grateful to have this opportunity. Our love for the plant we support has also brought us into another loving relationship with YOU! We are grateful for all our customers and associates in this industry helping keep our dream alive. 

So, practice being grateful today. Identify those people and relationships who you love, and let them know it! On the same note, thank you for being here, and we love you! Enjoy scrolling through our blogs and products while checking out our weekly playlist.

Love, Your Highness


FAV6 Playlist 

"7 Summers" - Morgan Wallen
"Smile" - Juice Wrld
"Lady May" - Tyler Childers
"Still Don’t Know My Name" - Labrinth
"Hallucinogenics" - Matt Maeson
"Low" - I Prevail


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