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Bridal by Lobelia Rose

Lobelia Rose marijuana bridal gifts

Congratulations on your wedding!  Take your celebration to a new high. If you are in our shop, then you are already interested in our brand and the products we have for you. Marijuana themed weddings and weed themed favors are a growing trend that guests are loving.

Lobelia Rose has a collection of cannabis gift ideas that your friends and guests will not forget. Scroll through all of the gift idea photos posted below. We are sure you will find something that will take your celebration to a new level.

We have party supplies for your bachelorette party, gift ideas your bridal party and favors for your wedding guests. We design products that are pretty, discreet, practical and affordable. We have something for every budget.

Feel free to contact us at lobeliarosemail@gmail.com with any questions about how we can make your celebration special. 

We are doing more customized products in our Esty shop as well. So, jump over there for more ideas.

Please contact us before ordering more than 10 Custom Bridal Bags Or any other items in quantities over 20. We would like to confirm that we can meet your deadlines. Thank you!

Here are some ideas for how our marijuana accessories brand can make your wedding the most memorable.

All of the products are available in our online shop. Click SHOP BRIDAL now OR visit our shop on Etsy!

Lobelia Rose Bridal Gift bag for guest favors at cannabis friendly wedding

Lobelia Rose Cannabis Wedding favors

Lobelia Rose favors for weed themed weddings

Lobelia Rose wedding bridal gifts for cannabis themed wedding


lobelia rose marijuana rolling papers for cannabis wedding favors

lobelia rose toke it to go joint tube for weed wedding favor

lobelia rose toke it to go joint tube for cannabis wedding guest favor

lobelia rose toke it to go tubes for marijuana wedding guest gifts

lobelia rose bachelorette party cannabis gifts for marijuana theme

lobelia rose bachelorette party favors for weed friendly celebrations

lobelia rose toke it to go essentials bag for bridesmaids gifts and bachelorette party